Reverend John N. Marsh

Accredited Interim Minister in Fellowship with the Unitarian Universalist Association

Reverend John Marsh has served Unitarian Universalist congregations in professional positions since 1976. He has enjoyed successful long-term parish ministries and has been an effective and helpful interim minister.

Approach to Ministry

I believe I have a gift for assessing people and situations — and reflecting back to people the truths I behold — in a way that is both honest and affirming.
One parishioner told me that my sermons allowed her “to look at myself without flinching.” While I cannot promise to do this for everyone — (nor does everyone require this), I believe that this ability is of great benefit in ministry.

— Rev. John Marsh

What Others Say

The way you weave classic Christian stories, humanism, and relevance from our daily lives/ news cycles together is truly an art form, which never fails to leave me positively impacted. I feel like you have been a true blessing in my life and to the congregation.”
— Evan Miller, member of the Young Adults Group and the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing

“He has earned the respect of both colleagues and congregants for his faithful and penetrating social witness.”
— from the citation of the 1996 Social Justice Award of the Western Canada District

“He reaches everyone – from children to elders, those who want ‘meaty’ sermons and those who appreciate wit and good story-telling. It’s a feat he brings off with warmth, confidence, grace and an arresting presence in the pulpit.”
— Fred Fiske, President, May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society of Syracuse

“The Board is impressed by the exceptional ministerial presence that Rev. Marsh maintains within the Congregation, particularly in light of how far he is living from his family.  He is readily available and accessible to members, friends and guests.  He is warm, welcoming, charming, and has an exceptional sense of humor.

“The Congregation consistently is both impressed and inspired by the quality of worship that he offers.”
— The Board of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Jersey Shore,  January 2017

On Unitarian Universalism

I believe that the larger world needs the message we have to offer and that our congregations deserve to flourish.

— Rev. John Marsh

Rev. John N. Marsh

About this Website

The pages on this site were designed by friends of Rev. John Marsh to introduce him to other Unitarian Universalists.

Rev. Marsh provided information on his background and selected videos, stories, and sermons to share.

Information on Rev. Marsh’s professional life is included to provide a broader view of this religious professional. Additional personal information, Ministerial Record, and references are available in a password-protected page.

As members of congregations served by Rev. Marsh in the past, we have appreciated his care and wisdom. We invite you to contact him and meet this remarkable man yourself.